Healthcare Member Engagement

Solutions designed to improve healthcare member engagement

Gain the ability to effectively communicate complex subject matter that’s highly interactive and personalised. With our healthcare solutions featuring EngageOne® Video, you can accurately address the diverse needs of the Healthcare industry, including:

  • Open enrollment
  • Onboarding
  • Care management
  • Broker enablement
  • Explaining statements and EOBs

Healthcare Member Engagement | Pitney Bowes

Boost business, reduce costs and improve efficiencies. It’s simple when you offer a true one-to-one personalised real-time video experience.

70% of consumers view companies in a more positive light after watching interesting video content.

Video consumption is projected to increase. It will account for the significant majority of all global consumer internet traffic. 

Consumers are looking for content, based on their real-time behaviour and experiences that they can control through personal interactions. 


Open enrollment

Start the member relationship off right.

  • Establish connections as you engage with a prospective member with the ability to effectively answer questions and provide guidance during the enrollment process.
  • Enable members to choose their topics of interest and act on demand.
  • Deepen and differentiate your member relationships by providing the specific information they want in an understandable and efficient format. 


Communicate with your members during important times, reduce calls to your contact centres and boost overall satisfaction.

  • Collect relevant contact information, drive digital adoption and improve the utilisation of self-serve resources as you maximise the member’s understanding of their coverage and benefits.
  • Improve percent of new member registration to the member portal in line with your goals.
  • Promote enrollment in member-appropriate prevention and wellness programs. You can show them how to find online resources and even help ensure on-time payment by encouraging viewers to sign up for direct debit. 

Care management

Convey important information with compassion

  • Provide relevant and informative content to address a wide range of patient care scenarios including:

o   Setting expectations.

o   Providing eating instructions.

o   Advising what to pack for inpatient procedures.

o   Providing post-treatment or discharge follow-up.

  • Use powerful analytics for insight into patient needs and concerns. This may uncover opportunities for even more personalised follow-up to prevent a relapse.


Broker enablement

Represent your company -- and its plans in broker networks -- in a very compelling and up-to-date manner.

  • Align brokers on all facets of your business while reflecting the individual broker’s brand.
  • Employ digital business card functionality. This enables brokers to forward your content directly to members, but with their own branding.
  • Use click-to-call or chat function to enable members to contact brokers or assigned subject matter experts directly from the video. 

Explaining statements and EOBs

Pre-emptively address the primary reasons that members call member service by better explaining their bills, coverage and explanations of benefits.

  • Walk a member through their statements, explain each part, and focus on the questions that your service representatives answer most often. 
  • Personalise the experience to the individual member and proactively address the more frequently asked questions for even greater clarity.