Insurance Customer Engagement

Boost business, reduce costs and improve efficiencies. When you offer a real-time Interactive Personalised Video experience, it’s simple.

Gain the ability to effectively communicate complex subject matter that’s highly interactive and personalised. With our Insurance solutions featuring EngageOne® Video, you can accurately address the diverse needs of the Insurance industry, including:

  • Onboarding
  • Explaining policy terms
  • Claim handling
  • Broker enablement
  • Upsell and cross sell

The Pitney Bowes EngageOne Video solution enables service providers to create an interactive and personalised experience for their customers and deliver clear, concise and consistent communications effectively eliminating the dreaded bill shock.



Business Challenges

Reduce call centre enquiries

Problem: Too frequently, call centres become inundated with enquiries from customers where the details themselves are complex and the explanations are fairly standard.


• Provide consistent and personalised responses while improving customer satisfaction and reducing overall costs.

• Deliver content in real-time, allowing 24/7 customer support without increasing headcount.

• Decrease overall call volume and increase customer loyalty.

Keep your messaging compliant, every time

Problem: Complex and ever-changing regulatory standards create restrictive, time-consuming, and costly processes for communicating with your customers.


• Easily train employees when new compliance requirements or significant process overhauls are enacted.

• Avoid confusing situations for your customers, which can eventually lead to decreased advocacy and increased churn.

Increase customer advocacy and net promoter scores

Problem: Policyholders want exactly the information they need, exactly when they want it.  However, the complexities of Insurance, matched with large amounts of specific customer data, makes it difficult to deliver on this effectively.


• Create Interactive Personalised Video experiences to help policy holders understand their insurance documentation.

• Customise videos by greeting the policy holder by name, refer to their address and deliver key details of their insurance policy.

Reduce repetitive activity

Problem: Whether it’s sales, customer service, training or recruitment, your teams spend an inordinate amount of their time on repetitive activity that can become costly and inefficient.


• Dynamic video content can automate your processes.

• Increase the capacity and effectiveness of your team without having to add additional resources – all while reducing costs.

Automate high volume and highly repetitive processes.

Problem: Increase the number of profitable customers and the average profit per customer.

Solution: Automate high volume and highly repetitive processes.

• Drive cost out of your sales process by automating repetitive discussions such as explaining policy options without sacrificing the experience of a human conversation

• More effectively cross or up-sell by offering actionable policy add-ons from within the video experience.