Get customer-centric. Get into the dialogue.

Portrait Dialogue

Portrait Dialogue is a customer interaction solution that converts disparate customer interactions into a connected two-way dialogue, across all channels, for greater customer engagement.

Customer Engagement Solutions

Listening to customers is the key to business success. Improve your marketing campaigns by opening up a channel for two-way dialogue and listen to your customer feedback. Consider the entire lifecycle of a campaign, using our powerful pre-built, automated, multi-step, customer engagement solutions.

Our customer engagement solutions offer a fresh way to monitor how well your marketing campaigns are working and open up a dialogue between you and your customers.


Use Portrait Dialogue for customer engagement

Using our customer engagement solutions, you can gauge the success of your marketing campaigns analysing feedback from the very people at which they are aimed. Portrait Dialogue is a customer engagement solution that works in a number of ways:

  • Unifies planning and collaboration across the marketing team
  • Automates processes
  • Improves reusability of campaign assets
  • Centralises campaign management and administration
  • Identifies performance issues
  • Creates customer dialogues - via mobile, listening channels, online or offline, using social networking channels such as Facebook or Twitter

Our solutions are designed with you in mind, so interfaces are user-friendly and allow you to work intuitively.

How our customer engagement solutions help you

The tools and processes that you can put into action using our customer engagement solutions can benefit your company in a number of ways. Our customer engagement solutions can give you a distinct advantage over the competition, by offering:

  • Campaigns which adapt to customer demand
  • Insight into what your customers want
  • Better use of marketing resources
  • Ability to deal with problems as they happen

Our customer engagement solutions software is packed with outstanding features, so you can open up communications with your customers and improve your marketing campaigns.

Intuitive user interface designed for marketers.

Portrait Dialogue's easy-to-use interface features:

  • Sleek “Windows 7” styling and “Visio-style” dialogue orchestration
  • Visual micro-charts highlight areas of concern and provide immediate actionability
  • Role-based views provide focused experience yet “single version of the truth”
  • Interface theming to reinforce your brand

Multi-channel engagement capabilities

Using Portrait Dialogue enables you to engage with customers through online, offline, mobile and listening channels, so you can communicate with and listen to your customers using the channels of their choice.

Our customer engagement solutions software allows you to develop a strategy using a wide range of channels, including:

  • Email
  • Customer websites
  • PURL
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • WAP
  • Direct mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Integrated online surveys
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Multi-step, multi-phase dialogue automation

Our Portrait Dialogue customer engagement solutions software features powerful automated functions, enabling you to:

  • Convert campaigns into engaging customer dialogue
  • Choreograph customer lifecycle best practices
  • Eliminate manual processes for improved efficiency
  • Achieve individualised communication with each customer
  • Automate internal processes for lead management

Multiple operation modes

Portrait Dialogue has a range of operational modes, so you can:

  • Automatically initiate marketing actions at the most relevant moment with real-time event triggers
  • Automate recurring campaigns, offers and activities
  • Distribute campaigns and initiate dialogues "on-demand"

Real-time performance views

Our customer engagement solutions software includes a range of real-time performance viewing functions, including:

  • LiveView capability - pushes actionable information to the surface
  • Unified campaign calendar - provides you with a consolidated view
  • "Live edit" ability - allows your marketers to take action instantly

Customer insight you can use

Portrait Dialogue provides you with in-depth, relevant information about your customers which you can use to improve your marketing campaigns:

  • "Customer cards" go beyond a 360° view to give you a true "customer portrait"
  • Real-time analytic scoring provides "up-to-the-second" campaign & dialogue selection accuracy
  • Closed loop offer logging for iron clad measurement and response attribution

User productivity features

Our Portrait Dialogue customer engagement solutions software includes a range of features designed help you to manage your time more effectively, so you can increase productivity:

  • MyView keeps recent work, pending tasks and watched campaigns clearly in view
  • Microsoft Office-integrated task management streamlines planning & collaboration
  • Guided Dialogue empowers basic, casual and remote users.


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