EngageOne® Video Billing Template

Eliminate bill shock by creating an interactive video bill experience for your customers.

Increase the effectiveness and cost efficiency of your call center and customer service by enhancing the business processes used to engage with your customers.

Create 1:1 customer interactions.

Real-time personalised video content specifically addresses each individual customer and his/her needs.

Drive interactive two-way dialogues.

Actively engages customers letting
each one define his or her own video
journey in real time.

Achieve compelling results.

See more clicks and longer view times with approximately 98% positive response.

New customers typically get concerned, or even shocked, when they see their first bill.

Bill complexity

Bills can be complex, information heavy and highly regulated. Customers may not understand any number of charges such as pro-rated charges, advanced charges, hardware repayment fees, activation fees, regulatory fees, and taxes. 

Negative perception

Bill shock can lead to greater call center volumes, higher customer care costs, lower NPS scores, payment delays, and increasing churn. Worse, it often contributes to a negative perception of your company and the industry as a whole. 

Evolve to video that interacts.

Real time answers

A real-time and interactive video bill experience allows customers to drill into details on specific portions of the bill, review payment options, initiate service changes and more. 

Easy options

The video bill experience can also offer a direct means of signing up for paperless communications, propose appropriate complementary products and bundles or suggest service changes based on their individual usage. 

Improve your results

  • Lower costs and operational efficiencies
  • Higher revenue possibilities
  • Increased customer satisfaction/Net Provider Score (NPS)