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Customer Information Management

Brimbank City Council evolves to become more customer-centric with help from Pitney Bowes

Making informed decisions and providing enhanced customer service thanks to Spectrum Single Citizen View

Client profile

One of the largest metropolitan councils in Australia

Prides itself on cultural diversity, having embraced more than 156 nationalities from around the globe

Services include waste collection, senior and child care, parks, pets and disaster response

Business Goals

Meet increasing community needs while reducing inefficiencies

Shift business model from property-centric to customer-centric

Connect siloes of inaccessible information and share it across the organisation  


Access to clean, reliable data

Ability to resolve problems in less time and with fewer resources

Improved customer service and increased customer satisfaction

Technology used

Single Citizen View

The connected, citizen-focused approach to data management.

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‘Every solution we use from Pitney Bowes, from mapping to spatial data collection to Spectrum Single Customer View, assists us in delivering precision and accuracy’. Helen Morrissey,
Director of Corporate and Community Relations,
Brimbank City Council

The city of Brimbank encompasses 25 new and established suburbs lying to the west of Melbourne, Australia, and includes a rapidly growing mix of industrial and residential property. The city council’s systems were outdated and expensive to run, data was siloed and hard to leverage, and the council was challenged to meet increased community expectations whilst reducing inefficiencies. With an impending move to a new, efficient building, the time was right to start fresh. Putting the community first was the council’s top priority, which required a shift in business model from property-centric to customer-centric.

Business Need

This requirement launched a pioneering digital transformation initiative at Brimbank City Council. Any new solutions that the city council elected to incorporate needed to create short-term efficiencies while equipping them to meet the long-term complexities surrounding an expanding, increasingly diverse city.

Meanwhile, the city council had other simultaneous challenges: inefficient, decentralised operations spread across several buildings, an outdated website that did not allow for online payments or self-service, and poor address data that led to unnecessary postage expense and large numbers of rates notices being returned, unpaid. All of these challenges were frustrating and time-consuming for staff. With the move to the new building, it was time for a change.


Mindful of costs and not wanting to replace good systems, Brimbank looked towards existing vendors to help deliver the desired community-first outcome. One of Brimbank’s long-time vendors was Pitney Bowes, and Spectrum® Single Customer View software was soon deemed the superior choice. The fact that Brimbank considered Pitney Bowes a reliable, trusted technology partner was also important. The solution allows organisations to capitalise on the massive amounts of data they already have. By connecting siloes of inaccessible information and sharing it across the organisation, a fully integrated 360-degree view of each and every customer can be leveraged.


Implementation of the solution at Brimbank City Council has been a big project. The council had a total of nine separate systems with more than 50 corporate applications, each of which collected customer information in various forms. At project kickoff, the Pitney Bowes team began assisting Brimbank by profiling the existing data and defining business rules. Phase one of the implementation has already been completed, integrating the three main corporate systems and providing data cleansing, data quality and analytics. Phase two includes a further six corporate systems to create the single customer view. 


‘The Spectrum solution has allowed us to be more responsive to customer needs, and greater customer satisfaction is already evident’. Helen Morrissey,
Director of Corporate and Community Relations,
Brimbank City Council

The Spectrum Single Customer View solution is already providing big benefits to Brimbank City Council, with many more expected once phase two is completed. The solution is the engine that drives the council’s key business processes. With access to clean, reliable data, the council can now resolve problems in less time with fewer resources and can provide better customer service.


The council has implemented a new website that enables customer self-service, allowing citizens to schedule or request services such as waste collection, road maintenance, drainage or fence repairs, report lost pets or make online payments. A single login on the new website allows citizens to access information or request services across multiple departments, whilst data cleansing has provided address validation and other quantifiable business efficiencies. 


All along the way, Pitney Bowes has worked in partnership with the council, beginning with helping to write requirements, upskilling key personnel and now assisting with moving forward in phase two. Today, Brimbank City Council is realising the benefits of a customer-centric evolution based on a single view of the customer that helps the council identify, locate and communicate with each citizen in a better way.