MobileMarketInfo provides authoritative information on the wireless license landscape in the US. This comprehensive dataset consists of the service areas that define the geographies where wireless carriers are licensed to provide service, along with market partitioning and frequency disaggregation:

  • Cellular Market Areas (CMAs)
  • Personal Communication Service Areas (PCSAs)
  • Advanced Wireless Service (AWS) areas

Users can incorporate Federal Communications Commission (FCC) textual data, in conjunction with internal research, to provide geographic market definitions of the CMA, Major Trading Areas (MTAs), and Basic Trading Areas (BTAs).


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Combines complex FCC license data with dedicated research to deliver a concise format for more accurate analyses.

Includes highly detailed, critical information about:

  • License holders
  • Build-out dates
  • Partitions
  • Disaggregations
  • Capacity

Makes it easy for users to:

  • Compare cellular vs. PCS networks.
  • Find and fill coverage gaps.
  • Expand their organization’s footprint.
  • Increase network implementation.


  • FCC wireless license data
  • Accurate “Doing Business As” alternative names
  • Complete information on build-out dates and spectrum capacity
  • Partitioning and disaggregation information for PCS licenses
  • Relational database design to facilitate in-depth analysis
  • Full integration with all other Pitney Bowes data products

Includes more than 30 layers of data, including:

  • FCC wireless license holder
  • Frequency partitioning and disaggregation
  • “Doing business as” alternative names
  • BTA regions
  • CMA regions
  • BEA regions
  • REA regions
  • MTA regions

Coverage details

  • Coverage: 50 States, DC, Puerto Rico
  • Release Schedule: Quarterly
  • Unit of Sale: National