PostPoint® Professional

PostPoint Professional provides full postcode British National Grid references. The data sets are accurate to within one meter of a property near the centre of the postcode, and include an indicator of each point's precision.


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  • Includes all the data that is required to precisely locate customers, branches, depots and competitors on the map 
  • Provides a National Grid reference to a resolution of one metre for each unit postcode in the UK  

PostPoint Professional contains all geographically referenced postcodes in the United Kingdom. Data is derived from Ordnance Survey’s Code-Point®.


Great Britain data includes: 

  • Full postcodes 
  • An indicator of the precision of each point 
  • The number of domestic, non-domestic and post box delivery points  
  • The number of addressed buildings 
  • ONS administrative and NHS Health Authority codes 

Northern Ireland data includes:  

  • All of the above information except for P.O. boxes and delivery point information 
  • An additional table containing the Northern Ireland data in Irish Transverse Mercator Grid projection 

Coverage details

  • Coverage: United Kingdom
  • Release Schedule: Semi-Annually
  • Unit of Sale: Nation (UK)