FSA/6 Digit Postal Code Bundle

The FSA/6 Digit Postal Code Bundle includes two datasets. The FSA file contains the polygon boundary files and centroids for Canada’s Forward Sortation Areas (FSAs). The Postal Codes file contains over 800,000 postal records and over 4,000 new Postal Codes. Latitude/longitude coordinates and a single “most representative point” are provided for each postal code in Canada.


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  • Provides the most current and accurate postal code information available 
  • Simplifies mapping and demographic analysis of customer records 
  • Links postal geography with Dissemination Area (DA) boundaries 
  • Enables assignment of Dissemination Areas (DAs) to the most appropriate FSA 
  • Locates and updates FSA boundaries showing the most change 
  • Allows creation of boundary files by snapping FSA boundaries to DAs where no alternative descriptions are available. 
  • Limits overlapping boundaries by determining which direction a postal code and/or street segment split should take across DAs 
  • 6 Digit Postal Code Points extracted from the Canada Postal Points File 
  • 3 Digit FSA Boundaries with postal and province codes 


  • Includes more than 1,600 urban and rural FSAs across Canada 
  • Assigns most FSAs to one or more DA centroids 
  • Gives the latitude and longitude of the single “most representative point” for every Canadian postal code 
  • Provides a total of over 800,000 postal records 

Coverage details

  • Coverage: All provinces and territories
  • Release Schedule: Bi-Annually
  • Unit of Sale: Nation (Canada) or Province