Designated Market Areas

Designated Market Areas delineates the geographic boundaries of all 210 distinctive regions that Neilsen uses to assess TV penetration of audience counts within the continental US for the 2015-2016 viewership year. The DMA code is created by Nielsen’s assignment of a 3-digit number (for identification and processing purposes).


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  • Provides consistent boundary definitions for collecting, tabulating and publishing statistics for Designated Market Areas.
  • Enables organizations to assess needs and implement business decisions using Designated Market Area polygons.


  • DMA boundary data.
  • DMA point (inventory) data
  • DMA name and 3-digit code
  • Total area of each DMA (in square miles)
  • 210 distinctive DMAs within USA including Hawaii and Alaska


  • DDMA Boundaries are defined by current county boundaries provided by TomTom. When viewership within a county is split, or if a DMA boundary splits a county, ZIP code boundaries are used instead.
  • Boundaries are updated annually as DMA County assignments change to reflect the most current television year. 

Coverage details

  • Coverage: Nationwide with exception of Puerto Rico
  • Release Schedule: Annually
  • Unit of Sale: Nation