The only authoritative source of Telstra’s telecommunications data and the DSL landscape

ExchangeInfo™ Australia

ExchangeInfo Australia (and ExchangeInfo Plus) is an authoritative spatial data solution that incorporates Telstra’s infrastructure data to map out the telecommunications landscape. This allows organisations to accurately target potential customers by using phone details to form a spatial correlation.

ExchangeInfo enables telecommunications carriers to make more informed decisions about network planning, market-driven tower rollouts and product/service strategies for wireless and fixed networks. It is also a critical dataset in targeting new DSL prospects and ‘the last mile’ network planning.

ExhangeInfo Plus contains the same information found in ExchangeInfo, but goes one step further by providing additional strategic service information exclusively for Telstra Wholesale DSL lines and Virtual ISP customers.

Source: Telstra Corporation Limited

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Expedite order entry

Expedite order entry and identify potential LNP porting issues.

Use local calling plans to determine Wireless and ISP network access.


Define target markets based on a company’s service area.

Determine boundary assignments regardless of geography shifts.

Features and Configurations

Key Features

  • The only authoritative source of Telstra’s telecommunications and DSL landscape
  • Quarterly updates for have the most up-to-date and accurate information
  • Seamless coverage across Australia

Product layers/Configurations

Exchange Service Areas (ESA): The geographical area bounded by customers connected using conventional copper cable to a common Main Distribution Frame (MDF) in an exchange building.

Exchange locations: The points representing copper centres for Australia.

Distribution areas: A geographic area confined within the boundary of the Exchange Service Area (ESA). An ESA is typically comprised of a number of distribution areas (Das).

Phone Prefix Lookup: Facilitates the look of the Exchange names that are associated with Telstra phone number prefixes. When combined with the ESA boundaries, the Phone Prefix Lookup file provides an effective means of geocoding phone numbers.

Exchange Service Areas (DSL-classified): Comprises ESA boundaries with a classification of DSL support. Note: Only available in ExchangeInfo Plus for Telstra Wholesale customers.

Large Pair Gain Areas: Comprises Large Pair Gain (LPG) boundaries that are derived from Distribution Area (DA) boundaries. This table indicates whether services in the cross-connect unit serving that DA may be fed from a Large Pair Gain. Note: available in ExchangeInfo Plus for Telstra Wholesale customers only.

Product Details


  • Australia

Release schedule

  • Quarterly


  • Telstra Corporation Limited