Fire Station Bundle

Pitney Bowes Fire Station Bundle consists of fire departments and fire stations across the United States. The Fire Station Bundle provides the physical address of the fire department/station, contact information, as well as other attribution as applicable. 


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  • Insurers can determine a property’s proximity to the nearest fire station to assist in calculating risk exposure, underwriting policies, and calculating probable maximum loss. 
  • Determine whether a residential property has adequate local fire support. 
  • Draw on analytical mapping solutions to enhance Public Protection Class (PPC) information. 
  • Employ batch processing and automation to support rate calculation and policy underwriting. 
  • Support site selection analysis. 
  • Local governments and emergency planning organizations can understand their distribution of fire protection to identify gaps in coverage or areas that need further assistance. 


  • Provides current location for each fire department or fire station (in many cases, department and station share the same location).  
  • Database contains current location data for each station’s personnel and equipment.

The product provides detailed information for over 47,000 fire departments and stations, including:

  • Location
  • Telephone and fax numbers
  • County name
  • Type of department (volunteer/career)
  • Number of associated stations
  • Station number 

Coverage details

  • Coverage: 50 States, DC
  • Release Schedule: Annually
  • Unit of Sale: US, State