Branded Geofences

Branded Geofences is a collection of polygonal spatial data sets that captures three components of a given retail location:

  1. The physical extent of the shopping boundary, whether a single store, shopping center or mall
  2. The primary building footprint
  3. The specific retail footprint of an individual store location (for example: a store location inside a shopping mall)

Additional attribution includes brand names and codes, corresponding Pitney Bowes Points of Interest ID’s (where available), US geographic references, as well as polygonal area and centroids. POI’s are not included with this product and must be linked separately.


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  • Targeted mobile messaging: Push notification discounts, coupons and promotions to reach targets more effectively using predefined retail boundary geofences.
  • Generate brand-specific advertising. Location-based mobile marketing companies can rely on highly precise location data to target messaging and define audiences.


  • Branded Geofences includes over 100,000 unique branded businesses, 68,000 buildings, 60,000 shopping lot polygons and over 600 large shopping/mall locations in the United States.


  • Three sets of objects for each business allow customers to select the best geofence for a specific application, whether drive-time areas, shopping mall polygons, or specific retail boundaries around stores in a mall.
  • Data includes standardized brand names and unique brand codes for each brand.
  • Object subtypes specify brand categories, such as hardware and home improvement or restaurants.
  • Parent table and ID linkages make it possible to establish relationships and parent businesses to a building or shopping center.
  • Floor numbers indicate which floor a business occupies in a multi-story building.
  • Drive time isochrones will soon be available for each shopping boundary.
  • Linkage to the POI product allows for additional attributes.
  • A pbKey™ allows further linkage to geo-enrichment products.
  • Change table details adds/deletes/changes from last release.
  • Quarterly updates detail where changes and coverage expansion have occurred.

Coverage details

  • Coverage: United States
  • Release Schedule: Quarterly
  • Unit of Sale: Nation (USA), per unit (unique business) also available to support sales by brand or by geography