Golf Courses

Golf Course Boundaries delineates the physical extent of public and private golf courses across the United States. An individual golf course boundary will typically include greens, fairways, the clubhouse, parking, maintenance and outbuildings. Residential developments that are associated with the golf course may also be included.

Pitney Bowes has partnered with the National Golf Federation (NGF), a leading authority in the industry, to establish an inventory of active golf courses. By combining NGF expertise and our experience developing geographic boundaries, the Golf Boundaries product represents the most complete and current spatial dataset of golf courses available.


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  • Deliver interactive experiences: Brands can create geofences around golf destinations to offer personalized content in context to increase buyer motivation, engagement and encourage customer loyalty.
  • Evaluate real estate: Proximity to golf courses can be a key selling point for home buyers.
  • Take advantage of NGF industry expertise for a comprehensive list of all daily fee, municipal and private clubs.


  • Golf Course Boundaries incorporates over 15,000 public and private golf courses in the United States.


  • Attributes include alternate names, address and contact information.
  • A premium attribute table is available for an additional charge that adds number of holes, greens fees, course designer and more.
  • Change table details adds/deletes/changes from last release.
  • Quarterly updates detail where changes and coverage expansion have occurred.

Coverage details

  • Coverage: United States
  • Release Schedule: Quarterly
  • Unit of Sale: Nation (US)