Residential Boundaries

Residential Boundaries provides geographic boundaries, names, and other locational classifications that define the extent and character of residential neighborhoods. Each polygon covers geography that consists of at least 90% residential housing, including homes, condos, and apartment complexes. Our acquisition system ensures the most current information is used to define and name a residential area. 


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  • Provide real estate portals the ability to locate and compare homes within desired residential areas.
  • Generate more accurate valuations and appraisals using increased granularity and refined boundaries.
  • Create more targeted direct marketing campaigns.
  • Improve local search capabilities and associate lists with specific, named residential areas.


  • Covers more than 675,000 unique residential neighborhoods concentrated in the top 500 US metropolitan areas.
  • Polygons include: unique and persistent object IDs, primary name, object type, subtype codes, centroid coordinate, and area fields.
  • A Names table provides alternative names and languages.
  • Exception and function codes help identify unique neighborhoods.


  • Neighborhoods are defined using multiple authoritative sources including local government, real estate, tourism, local media and customer feedback.
  • Unambiguous boundaries enable more accurate search and analysis results and cleaner visualization.
  • A robust hierarchy tailors data organization to meet application needs:
    • “M” = Macro neighborhoods
    • “N” = Neighborhoods
    • “S” = Sub-neighborhoods
  • Coverage concentrates around the key metro areas where your customers are located.
  • Quarterly updates show where change and coverage expansion has occurred.
  • Change table details adds/deletes/changes from last release.

Coverage details

  • Coverage: Top Metros in the United States
  • Release Schedule: Quarterly
  • Unit of Sale: Nation, State