Train Stations

Train Station Boundaries delineates the physical extent of Amtrak train stations across the United States. Additional location information, geographic references and station codes are provided.


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  • Real estate evaluation: Proximity to train station location can be a relevant concern for real estate selection, valuation and analysis.
  • Targeted mobile messaging: Push notification coupons and promotions reach their targets more effectively through predefined train station geofences.
  • Geofencing allows mobile focused customers such as hotel booking applications, transportation services, restaurants, brands and more to trigger real-time deals to app users arriving in the city.


  • Train Station Boundaries incorporates over 500 stations nationwide.


  • Attributes include alternate names and address information as well as an alternate identifier for Amtrak station codes.
  • Change table details adds/deletes/changes from last release.
  • Quarterly updates detail where changes and coverage expansion have occurred.

Coverage details

  • Coverage: United States
  • Release Schedule: Quarterly
  • Unit of Sale: Nation (US)