US Buildings

The US Buildings dataset delivers the building-polygon, address and Location Intelligence insight that insurers, telecoms and location-based marketing requires. With this dataset, you’ll gain a detailed view that includes:

  • Property essentials: FIPS, census block and address details
  • Building basics: Type and usage
  • Building location: How it’s placed and centered on its lot
  • Elevation: Lowest, highest and centroid

FIPS, APN, Census Block ID and address ID enable GeoEnrichment with property attributes, U.S. Census Bureau data and address genealogy. Seamless integration with key tools makes it easy to layer, visualize, analyze and share.


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  • Underwriting insight: Price more effectively for risk. With US Buildings, you can validate the placement of insured structures within a parcel and understand their proximity to risks such as flood, wildfire, shorelines, fault lines, crime areas, and more. You can also better assess the relationship of multiple risk factors and the resulting cumulative risks.
  • Telecommunications: Detailed building information can help expedite emergency response and pinpoint the location of wireless 911 calls. It can also provide location and structure information needed for infrastructure layout and installation planning.
  • Marketing immediacy: Reach out to customers in real time. Combine a more detailed view of buildings with advanced geofence technology. You can refine your marketing, presenting offers that more precisely pinpoint where a customer is in proximity to eateries, stores and services.



  • Easy searching and reporting by 
    • Address
    • Postcode
    • Building type 
    • Elevation
  • Geoenrich for greater understanding.
  • Visualize, analyze and share.

Coverage details

  • Coverage: US
  • Release Schedule: Quarterly
  • Unit of Sale: National