World Boundaries Premium

Geographic demarcations of country, state, district, cities, towns, locality, neighbourhood, postal and land-use boundaries.

Boundary data is an attributed, vector GIS dataset providing geographic demarcations of spatial boundaries such as administrative or postcode areas. They support a host of forward and reverse geocoding functions, geotagging (attaching geographic names to digital data) and geofencing, which allows a host of geographic and analytical functions. Users can visualize and manipulate data for map representation or link company data to accurately locate and communicate with customers and constituents for business and trend analysis.


  • Consistent and seamless within country and across boundaries
  • Complete attribution including name and language labels
  • Regular updates
  • Population and demographics statistics available


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Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding

Attach location to customer records via geocoding and reverse geocoding, for both display purposes (e.g. social media check-in, and for identifying location for activities such as location based target marketing).


Geofence or identify when customers are within certain locations for location based messaging.

Data Enrichment

Enrich your business data by providing a link between different data assets. (e.g. Connect postcode or municipality name to company assets and visualize your data in a new way such as creating a variety of thematic maps).


Analyze different datasets to measure and benchmark scenarios across different geographic areas. (e.g. Explore how an environmental impact may change the risk of exposure or how consumer expenditure in an area may affect the number of small office or home office businesses).