Income Data

Our Income dataset provides insight on the total income of a specific region’s population, based on a variety of sources, including:

  • Wages or salary from employment
  • Self employment
  • Dividends
  • Net rental or royalty income from estates and trusts
  • Retirement income
  • Government assistance
  • And more.

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  • Organizations can target regional markets for specific products and services with greater precision.
  • Data quality is ensured by a strict quality control process.
  • Information is consistently updated by in-house statistical and geographic department.
  • Data is linked to our associated boundary files so that users can geographically visualize the data and support more efficient, effective decision-making.


Data is indexed to provide users the ability to measure change in income levels across wide geographies.

Coverage details

  • Coverage: Global
  • Release Schedule: Annually
  • Unit of Sale: National