Break free from data prep.

Jump straight to analysis and insight with plug-and-play curated data that is pre-prepped, standardized and ready to use.


It’s time for a new approach.

GIS analysts can spend up to 80 percent of their time on data prep. Instead, focus your valuable time on refining results, creating powerful visualizations and bringing new value to your organization.

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What is curated data?

Pitney Bowes datasets have been sourced from the top global suppliers. Our data experts then put them through a rigorous preparation process to ensure accuracy and precision, so you can produce maps with full confidence in your work.



Ready to use

Cleansed, standardized, enriched and ready for analysis out of the box

Integrates easily

Made to play well with other datasets, ours or your own, and all major GIS and BI platforms

Precision data

Reliably fresh data, regularly updated for superior analysis and insight


Relevant insight to solve industry-specific business problems for new competitive advantage


Webinars: Plug-and-play data for all

Clean, pre-prepped and standardized data is not just for elite analysts with special systems. It is available for all analysts for use in any system. Join us as we demonstrate multiple, data-driven vertical use cases on each GIS and BI platform.

US webinar
Wednesday, April 24
2pm - 3pm ET

Australia webinar
Tuesday, May 7
9pm - 10pm ET
Wednesday, May 8
11am-12pm AEST

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