Advertising and Marketing Technology

Target and enrich global audiences in a more accurate and cost-efficient manner.

Precise location data  is essential for platform providers, agencies and brands looking to accelerate their marketing strategy more effectively and at scale.

Gain a clearer understanding of who your customers are and how to market to them.

Augment mobile data

Get a richer context of place using data that reflects real world, on-the-ground  information. 

Enrich audience profiles

Insights and analytics driven by a combination of location and consumer behavior.

Identify look-alike customers

Find look-alike audiences that are predicted to behave like your best customers.

Target media placement

Activate the right media at the right time and deliver relevant digital advertising that converts buyers.

New and notable: US Buildings dataset with building polygons and addresses

Present offers that more precisely pinpoint where a customer is in proximity to your brand.

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Improve audience creation and lift with enriched location content

Webinar: learn how richer place and hyper-local data work with mobile data to increase accuracy.

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Global coverage

Tap into highly detailed, up-to-date datasets for 250+ countries.

Richer context

Develop consumer profiles based on their real-world journeys.

Greater accuracy

Leverage our extensive boundary types for precise geofencing.

Better insight

Understand more about your consumers and how they transact.