Accelerate as rapidly as the industry around you.

Achieve greater value and competitive advantage with global retail data to understand your retail customers more deeply and reveal new opportunities.

Define territories

Accurate location data can help define catchment.

Identify markets

Accuracy helps create targeted marketing programs.

Face competition

Understanding competitors can improve performance.

Deliver outcomes

Optimize for specific customers based on their unique profiles.

Be in the right place at the right time with the right product.

How precise location intelligence data for retail helps navigate today’s complex cross-channel retail market.

Read Optimize your selling channels.

Leverage location data to drive revenue and remain competitive.

How putting data to work generates new insights and enables effective decision making for retailers..

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Fine-tune planning

Know your market’s precise opportunities and challenges.

Create a single view

Get a more accurate view of each customer for smarter sales.

Connect data

Identify patterns across physical and digital channels.

Optimize marketing

Speak to customers personally and relevantly.