Know your customers, your network and your competition with precision business, geographic and industry data.

Who are the prospests that look like your best customers? How do you optimize investments in  new infrastructure? Where can you disrupt competitors’ fiber and cell services?

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Enrich your data

Gain insights into your customers.

Target your marketing

Use demographics to identify good prospects.

Optimize your network

Understand optimal network coverage.

Disrupt competition

Find out who owns what infrastructure.

Digital is driving the next generation of data marketplaces.

A study by Forrester Consulting details how effective data access can fuel digital transformation.

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Use cases for new Pitney Bowes telecom industry data sets.

Identify new opportunities with fiber routes, fiber-lit buildings, cell towers and broadband wireless.

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Up-to-date data

Pitney Bowes datasets are updated monthly or quarterly.

Easy to acquire

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Broad scope

Get demographics, points of interest, streets, boundaries and more.


Identify carriers, calling areas, exchanges, rate centers and mobile.