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Manage risk, better understand segments and make decisions with greater confidence.

Our comprehensive portfolio of unique, up-to-date spatial datasets and reference files improves the spatial accuracy of business analyses.


MasterCard receives Pitney Bowes Knowledge Champion Award for Innovation

Pitney Bowes recognises Mastercard as the Leader for Innovation in Contextual Location. This recognition was awarded to Mastercard for demonstrating the power of location software and data to unveil insights that improve the organisation’s customer engagements, business operations and decisions.

Watch this video, which shares deeper insight from Mastercard’s Travis Carpenter, VP Data Sources, and John Derrico, Data Strategy & Sources Director.


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still of Travis Carpenter from MasterCard

Location Intelligence Data Portfolio

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World Boundaries

Pitney Bowes boundary data is essential in industries where search, discovery and business analytics are critical to success.

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World Demographics

Our extensive catalog of global demographic data.

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World Points of Interest

Our Points of Interest (POI) data portfolio delivers a comprehensive view of businesses, landmarks and features around the world.

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World Streets

Our accurate street data for routing and geocoding helps you better visualise routes, pinpoint addresses and calculate drive times.