Address Points

Address Points provides the precise geographic location of addresses for use in geocoding, mapping, routing and data visualization.


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  • Determine addresses at a given location or within a region.
  • Estimate the number of households or businesses at locations or within regions.
  • Visualize settlement density.
  • Find the location of addresses.
  • Provide a basis for thematic maps of household or business data.


  • Mappable address locations for visualization and reverse geocoding.
  • Searchable addresses for pre-populating selection lists and simple geocoding.
  • Additional locality or geographic information for refinement of maps and lists.

Attributes include, but are not limited to:

  • Latitude and longitude
  • Address
  • Other locality information (country dependent)

Coverage details

  • Coverage: Germany, New Zealand, UK, Indonesia, Japan
  • Release Schedule: Annual
  • Unit of Sale: Country