MapMarker® G-NAF Dictionary

The companion for MapInfo MapMarker, adding address level geocoding to MapInfo Pro

MapMarker is Pitney Bowes’ desktop geocoding engine. Geocoding is the process of converting a textual address to an accurate dot on the map and is the basis of many spatial processes. Not only does geocoding allow you to see where your data points are in the real world but it unlocks the power of spatial relationships within your data.

The MapMarker G-NAF Dictionary is based on Pitney Bowes’ G-NAF Premium and provides MapMarker users with a higher level of geocoding accuracy and precision.

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Each geocoded point will align exactly with other spatial data including streets, cadastre, G-NAF Premium and properties. 


Fewer false positive geocodes for addresses that don’t actually exist.



Complete alignment with the most accurate Postcode and Suburb data gives a higher match rate to correct addresses.


When used with MapMarker’s address range dictionary (supplied) gives complete physical address coverage for Australia.

Features and Configurations

Key Features

  • Highest level of geocoding accuracy and precision available.
  • Built from G-NAF Premium, Pitney Bowes’ enhanced version of PSMA’s G-NAF product.
  • Completely compatible with MapMarker for MapInfo Pro.

Product Details


  • Australia

Release schedule

  • Quarterly


  • PSMA Australia, Pitney Bowes

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