Basic Enrichment

Connect to the person behind your data.


In the age of social media, detailed information on individuals is available, but it is rarely found in one place. We pull the pieces together and fill in the gaps, providing you the foundational details needed to understand customers and their stories. Basic Enrichment provides a wide scope of data with over 180 fields of attribution. Simply provide an email, physical address, Twitter handle, or phone number and Pitney Bowes will append rich social content and a pbKey™.


Enrich customer profiles with attributes including:

  • Name: Full name of the contact
  • Demographics: Age range, gender and location
  • Employment: Current and previous job titles and organizations
  • Social Profiles: Over 120 potential social profiles
  • Digital Presence: Photo, bio, and any personal websites
  • Email Hashes: Other known associated emails returned in an encrypted format