Social Data Enrichment

Turn digital contacts into more complete and personal profiles.


Now you can turn an email, address, phone number or social media handle into a full profile of a person or company, complete with demographic data, lifestyle information and behavioral affinities. Social Data Enrichment turns data into knowledge, so you can make informed decisions about your customers and prospects.

Develop more meaningful relationships with your customers.

The suite includes two global products that can be used independently or in combination:

  • Basic Enrichment
  • Affinities and Categories

You can consume data via:

  • API (transactional and batch)
  • Flat file database
  • Spectrum OnDemand Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

You also can link Social Data to other Pitney Bowes data assets using the pbKey™.

Build better relationships, improve ROI, prevent fraud and minimize risk.

Retail and Real Estate
Link fragmented and incomplete identities (phone number, email, social or physical address) to your own transactional data, digital marketing activities and data models. Gain the insights needed to respond with targeted engagement activities when individuals are in the market to buy.

Cross-sell across different lines of business by expanding your view of the individuals in a given household, or develop whole behavioral models using a combination of individual and household-level data from a given region.

Financial Services
Create personalized and authentic communications with customers by connecting data distributed over disparate business silos (e.g. different platforms for commerce, customer support, customer engagement, marketing automation.)