RouteFinder Network Australia

The companion for MapInfo® RouteFinder, adding routing functions to MapInfo® Pro

The RouteFinder Network includes all gazetted streets, roads and highways structured to allow route determination.

The RouteFinder Network is for use with the Pitney Bowes RouteFinder application which adds routing and Drivetime/distance functionality to MapInfo Pro. The RouteFinder Network is completely compatible with StreetPro™ from Pitney Bowes and will generate routes, isochrones and isodistance polygons that align perfectly.

Access the Pitney Bowes Software & Data Marketplace to download data samples, visualise data on map, download your licensed data and more:


Save costs

Determine the quickest or shortest time to travel from place to place to optimise run sheets and reduce costs in the logistics industry.

Plan Better

Create retail catchment zones by understanding how far your customers can drive in a set amount of time.

Save Lives

Ensure that all residences are within a specified driving distance of an emergency services centre.

Analyse Service Levels

Update all of your clients with the distance they need to travel to obtain service.

Features and Configurations

Key Features

  • The data is formatted ready for use with RouteFinder and includes the street name, alternate names, road class, speed estimate in a connected network. The data also includes one way streets and turn restrictions.

Product Details


  • Australia

Release schedule

  • Six monthly


  • PSMA Australia, Pitney Bowes

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