Digital Transformation

Increase customer engagement while reducing call centre volume. Give your customers control of their relationship with you with digital self-service.

Digital transformation of customer experience enables your customers to interact with your brand in the channel, time and place of their choice. Learn how you can break through the clutter, enhance customer engagement and create new revenue opportunities.

What is digital transformation of customer experience?

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Know your customer

Understand who your customer is, their relationships, interests and behaviour, and to coalesce that information into a single customer view.

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Use Location to add context

In a mobile world, you need to know where your customers are, both physically and digitally, in order to deliver a hyper-personalised and responsive experience.

digital and physical communications

Communicate in a relevant manner

Using data-driven insights to inform customer interactions creating multiple points of conversation via multiple channels and touchpoints.

Become a digital leader

Embrace the digital culture and become more open and communicative with your customers on the platforms that they are already living on.

Customer Engagement Solutions

Self-service Portals

Transform billing into a frictionless, self-service experience.

Give fragmented customer portals a make-over to provide a consistent billing experience tailored to customer profiles - purchase history, subscriptions, plans and preferences - with EngageOne®  Smart View, EngageOne Smart Bill and EngageOne Smart Pay.

Mobile Engagement

Convert mobile touchpoints into active engagement opportunities.

Create interactive content, optimised for display on any device and delivered via email, SMS or push notifications for more engaging, responsive customer communications.

Interactive Personalised Video

Harness the power of navigable, choice-based video.

EngageOne Video offers customers an enticing, two-way opportunity to interact with experts and streamline service. The EngageOne Video Industry Templates allow you to deliver this experience tailored to your industry - insurance, financial services, telco or utilities.

Impact of Physical and Digital

Augment Physical with Digital Communications

Design and deliver engaging and personalised real-time and batch multichannel communications to your customers.