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Small Volume Inserters


Relay™ 1000 Inserting System

The simple solution for folding and inserting your mail. It’s a convenient way to automate your everyday mailings like invoices, cheques, newsletters or direct mail pieces with ease. Self-installable, compact and quiet, making it a smart addition to any work environment.

  • Folds A4 sheets to DL.
  • Process up to 900 DLX mail pieces per hour.

Relay™ 2500 Inserting System

The RelayTM 2000 Inserting System is a reliable, easy-to-use system that automatically folds, inserts and seals business and promotional mail.

  • The easy-to-use Relay 2000 Inserting System is ideal for low- to mid-volume mailers.
  • Process up to 2,500 pieces per hour and up to 10,000 pieces per month.
  • Accumulate before fold function intelligently compiles the pages and folds as a single communication.


Medium Volume Inserters


Relay™ 4500 Inserting System

The Relay 4000 Inserting System is ideal for mid-size mailrooms that require accurate mail assembly and outstanding speed. The accumulate before fold function allows inline assembly of your mail pack, intelligently compiling the pages and folding as a single communication.

  • Process up to 3,500 pieces per hour and up to 40,000 pieces per month.
  • Mail pieces up to 8mm thick.
  • Flexibility to handle multiple fold types, page sizes, and outer envelope sizes.


Relay™ 5000 Inserting System

An outstanding option for mid-volume mailers, the Relay 5000 Inserting System uses proven technology from our flagship table-top inserters to reliably process your mail day in and day out.

  • Process up to 4,000 pieces per hour or 62,500 pieces per month.
  • For the highest level of integrity and security, optional advanced document scanning software is available.
  • Easily switch from Letter to Large Letter inserting.

Large Volume Folders and Inserters


Relay™ 7000 Inserting System

Automate and add the highest level of integrity to your inserting process with the RelayTM 7000 Inserting system.

  • Process up to 5,400 pieces per hour or 120,000 pieces per month.
  • All feeders are linked including the envelope feeder to increase running time.
  • For the highest level of integrity and security, optional advanced document scanning software is available.


Relay™ 8000 Inserting System

Built for larger mailers who need fully- integrated inserting, the RelayTM 8000 Inserting System can bring significant benefits to your business.

  • Process up to 5,400 pieces per hour and up to 200,000 pieces per month.
  • Your high-value transactional mail is handled precisely to help you meet compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • High capacity envelope feeders that can hold an additional 500 envelopes.


FastPac™ DI880 Inserting System

If you work in a direct mail company, a distribution centre, an in-house mailing operation, or a copy shop, the FastPacTM DI880 Inserting System can save you time and increase your profit margins.

  • Feed and collate up to 7 documents into either wallet or pocket envelopes automatically.
  • Process up to 3600 C4/C5 mail pieces p/h.
  • Process a vast range of materials from DL slips, CD packs, booklets, catalogues, magazines, cards and reply envelopes.


Dedicated Folding Solutions


OfficeRight™ Folder DF800

The DF800 Folder is a fully automatic folder that has been developed to eliminate your manual folding difficulties. It will improve the accuracy of fold and therefore the final presentation of your mail.

  • Seven fold options.
  • Folds up to 13,000 items per hour.
  • Easy to use with LCD panel control.


OfficeRight™ Folder DF900

Modern and quiet, this machine has been designed to improve office efficiency and speed up the processing of your outgoing mail.

  • Seven fold options.
  • Folds up to 20,000 items per hour.
  • Fold A3 into A4 too.

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