Cross-Border ecommerce: a maturity roadmap and partner selection guide

Understand the paths to cross-border ecommerce maturity.

Empowered, always-addressable consumers and an ever-accelerating pace of change are defining today’s business environment. Organisations no longer have the option of taking a wait-and-see attitude toward new devices, touch points and buying behaviours. Your success is now based on creating, delivering and nurturing superior customer engagement.

A key part of that customer engagement is the purchasing process, both physical (in stores) or digital (via e-commerce). For retailers to reap the benefits of selling online to international customers, they need to vastly improve the customer experience that is now common in this process.

To help retailers understand the opportunities and challenges in cross-border e-commerce and to clearly figure out how to play in the market, this white paper does the following:

  • Positions e-commerce in the context of customer experience
  • Defines cross-border e-commerce and the traits that make it more complex than domestic e-commerce
  • Provides a cross-border e-commerce maturity model so that retailers can identify where they are today and create a roadmap to where they want to be
  • Identifies the partnership types that will help retailers in their maturity journey and provides guidance on how to identify the right partners for the right needs

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