Hitachi UHD Interactive Flat Panel

Delivering the latest interactive whiteboard technology to your boardroom or classroom

Pitney Bowes brings you the latest interactive whiteboards from Hitachi designed to help get the most out of teaching, interactive brainstorming discussions and project planning.

For businesses:

  • Let your teams collaborate easily without boundaries.
  • Improve employee engagement as remote workers feel closer to the rest of the business.
  • Enable more productive meetings: automatically save information digitally so teams can focus on the conversation rather than take notes.
  • Facilitate an interactive approach to training and learning.

For educational institutions:

  • Teach in an interactive way so students can learn in a more engaging and hands-on way.
  • Enable a visual learning experience, which can boost student motivation and encourages active participation.
  • Accommodate different learning styles: visual and tactile.
  • Create an engaging environment where students can learn from each other.

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Hitachi screens

Key features of the Hitachi UHD Interactive Flat Panel

icon connect
  • Connect directly from your smartphone or tablet, no PC needed
  • Remote screen mirroring from your own device*
  • Front facing 40W stereo speakers for great sound
icon write
  • Turn on the power and immediately start writing by selecting ‘drawing’ mode, in just one action.
  • Easy annotation
  • Easily write over any screen to make your presentation more impressive and dynamic
  • Up to 20 touchpoints simultaneously, whether employees are on-site or remote
  • Magnetic stylus pens for easy writing
icon technology
  • Front HDMI and use inputs.
  • Simply plug in your device with front HDMI or USB input and you are ready to go
  • Windows® and Mac OS® compatible
  • LAN port to connect to the network