Single Location View

Create, cleanse, integrate and update location data.

Combine the power of our spectrum spatial, geocoding and analytics capabilities with the precision and accuracy of our data portfolio, to attain a single view of a location. 

  • Centrally manage single address and land source
  • Continually process and cleanse address data
  • Make location-based decisions

Eliminate duplication of effort, reduce address management costs and improve citizen interaction.

Eliminate the duplication of effort

Reduce address management costs

Improve customer interaction



Realise the benefits of combining Pitney Bowes capabilities to form an end-to-end enterprise solution to achieve a single view of location.

Data Quality and Management

Ensure data interoperabiity (open standards), governance and quality controls.

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Customer Excellence 24/7

Get channel insights and media as well as customer insights and engagement.

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Business Intelligence

Encourage data sharing and enable a mobile workforce.

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