Retail Analytics

Bring your network closer to your customers

By visualising your data, you are free to explore ‘what-if’ scenarios in an instant.

Retail Analytics combines the first party data you already have with our datasets, analytics and spatial visualisation, giving you a more informed view of your trade areas. 

By representing retail data, such as store locations on a map, you can add new layers of insight, to interrogate and explore. You can then connect the physical and digital journeys of your customers and how they intersect with your business to use services like buy online and pick up in store (BOPUS), for a seamless shopping experience. 

people in store

Global online retail sales are expected to grow by 22% in 2019*, in-person customer engagement always plays an essential part in delivering excellent customer service.

*eMarketer, May 2018

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Improve channel optimisation and business management performance

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Identify locations that will increase revenue. And open new stores there faster.

Guaranteed Per Piece Pricing

Lower costs through strategic decisions driven by data.

Flexible Payment Options

Use forecasting models to estimate store performance and support scenario management.

How it works



We start with your core data.  For example, mapping your stores and customers.



We can then layer on extra, relevant data, such as key locations. Next, we use tools such as heat maps to analyse everything from drive-time to demographics.



You can view macro and micro data to get the full picture, make informed decisions and bring your case to life in reports.