Data Monetization

Capitalize on the potential of your anonymized data

The data collected by telecommunication companies is invaluable to other industries. This data can help marketing professionals target messaging and offers to the right people at the right place, at the right time. It can also help events professionals with crowd control. Staffing and transportation professionals rely on this data to accurately report traffic.  

Pitney Bowes can help create new revenue opportunities for telcos by packaging anonymized and aggregated views of the movement of mobile devices connected with Pitney Bowes data sets.

Data Monitization

Explore our location and business data set portfolio

Boundary Data

Out World Premium Boundary data set includes census, ZIP code, industry, community and geofences.  The Communications Suite includes comprehensive location-based coverage of telecommunications and wireless systems.


Get access to extensive demographic variables at detailed statistical geographies, along with forecast population models, prepared by Pitney Bowes demographic and economics experts. Includes global CAMEO classifications and consumer and business area classifications.

Points of Interest (POI)

Use the World Premium POIs to identify locations to provide wireless services. For example, define services nationally/internationally within a chain of coffee shops or other outlet.


Tap into powerful datasets for drivetime and routing, street, address, transport and POI.