Local Government Enterprise Program

How are we helping Local Councils on a strategic level?

For over 20 years, Pitney Bowes has been helping Local Government authorities to be more efficient, improve community engagement, better manage assets and provide a better service to citizens. Pitney Bowes provides Councils with an integrated enterprise Location Intelligence solution which includes desktop, web, cloud, mobile, data, asset management, data quality, and more. 

The Local Government Enterprise Program (LGEP) is a new program that is scalable and flexible and it includes more products and solutions at no additional cost, and includes a technology platform that is used by world leading enterprises such as Facebook and Twitter.


At Norfolk Island, to ensure that we provide the most efficient services for our community, it is critical that the Administration utilises an extremely cost competitive mapping system. We chose the Local Government Enterprise Program (LGEP) from Pitney Bowes because it is the most comprehensive, yet cost effective solution on the market for the Australian public sector.”
Jon Gibbons
CEO, Administration of Norfolk