Location Intelligence

WiseTech Global and Pitney Bowes drive supply chain accuracy.

Client profile

Develops cloud-based software solutions for international and domestic logistics industries.

Developed CargoWise One, which improves supply chain integration, automation and communication.

Based in Sydney, Australia, operates globally.

Business goals

Lead the international logistics industry in technology innovation.

Develop premium software solutions for the logistic industries.

Improve productivity, functionality, integration and compliance globally.


Precise and accurate address validation globally.

Consistent results and messages across all countries.

Improved operator efficiency and reduced costs.

Technology used

Pitney Bowes Spectrum® Enterprise Geocoding

Pitney Bowes Spectrum® Enterprise Geocoding service enhances WiseTech Global’s geocoding and address validation capabilities.

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"Consistency is very important to WiseTech Global, and Spectrum provides the same results and messages across all countries, which is essential to us as we provide global solutions." Michael Kheirabi
Product Manager – Systems Components
WiseTech Global

WiseTech Global’s software solutions are recognised globally for their powerful productivity, extensive functionality, comprehensive integration, and deep compliance capabilities. The company’s flagship product, CargoWise One, is a deeply integrated single global platform that makes productivity the priority in the supply chain execution process. Dedicated to providing breakthrough software solutions, WiseTech Global continually develops powerful innovations to improve its software’s capabilities and benefit its customers’ supply chain operations.

Business Challenge

A key challenge for operators within the global supply chain is address location and validation. Incorrect addressing, which leads to futile deliveries, has a direct cost to logistics providers and their customers. International regulations demand valid addresses prior to shipping, as well as enforcing denied party screening, which forbids shipping to certain addresses.


WiseTech Global selected Pitney Bowes’ Spectrum™ Global Enterprise Geocoding service, identifying it as the best solution, meeting the company’s exacting requirements for accurate address geocoding and validation on a global scale.


“We were looking for specific functionality,” recalls Scott Dowell, Product Manager – Planning. “Pitney Bowes was the right choice. We needed a solution that could explicitly confirm that an address exists and is valid, rather than simply suggesting a list of alternatives, but could also automatically fix errors and tell us how the address was changed.”


Dowell continued, “In addition, street level coverage for the key countries in which our customers operate was vital and we rigorously tested that Pitney Bowes could fully deliver on their coverage claims.


Because WiseTech Global is an innovative developer of cloud-based software solutions for the international and domestic logistic industries, the company wanted a geocoding and address validation capability that would both enhance and integrate seamlessly into its comprehensive integrated global platform. 


“As a provider of cloud-based solutions, it was very important to us that we centrally host the service ourselves,” said Dowell, “so we could control performance and reliability of the service, as it works within our overall end-to-end solution.”


"We wanted to incorporate global Location Intelligence into our products and look to extend these capabilities across all modules and functions of our global CargoWise One platform." Scott Dowell
Product Manager - Planning
WiseTech Global

The Spectrum service met all the requirements of the evaluation. Since the implementation, the solution has provided WiseTech Global with precise and accurate address validation across global borders.


“Consistency is very important to us,” explains Michael Kheirabi, Product Manager–Systems Components, “and Spectrum provides the same results and messages across all countries, which is essential to us as we provide global solutions.”


Ultimate beneficiaries are the customers

The ultimate beneficiaries are WiseTech Global’s customers, and feedback has been extremely positive. The combination of Spectrum capabilities and WiseTech Global’s deep efficiency focus when designing the address validation integration has delivered a significant reduction in key strokes required by customers to enter a shipment, which improves their operator efficiency as well as reducing the number of futile deliveries (delivery to wrong addresses), which are extremely costly and time consuming.


WiseTech Global sees another overriding benefit. “Being able to integrate the Spectrum address validation into our solution,” says Dowell, “is yet another benefit we provide ahead of other suppliers of logistics software.”  


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