Precisely locate, geocode and enrich your customer, citizen or other data for enhanced insight.

Add context and precision to your organisations data, enriching it with a wide range of insight-ready datasets.

GeoEnrichment Portfolio

Precisely locate and add authoritative and descriptive attributes to customer, transaction or other data at a known location.

Spectrum Enterprise Geocoding Module

Analyse geographic data and improve business decisions

Powerful address geocoding for Australia, the USA and Canada.

Spectrum® for Big Data

Give your big data the location advantage

  • Aggregate, analyse and share data in ways that previously were not possible.
  • Perform geocoding, spatial analytics and address quality in a fraction of the time compared to existing solutions.
  • Increase the returns on your big data investments.

Spectrum Location Intelligence Module

Enable location-intelligent decision making

Gain highly accurate location-based insights designed to fuel better business performance. Benefit from powerful address geocoding and efficient enterprise routing. Reduce risk and improve both operations and customer satisfaction.

G-NAF Premium

Comprehensive address data for Australia

Comprehensive data set of over 13 million address points for all of Australia ready for use in mapping and geocoding applications.


Accurate geocoding and address validation solutions

World-class geocoding and address validation solutions to enable organisations to better manage their address data.

Spectrum Geocoding On Demand

Get the best of both worlds

Access high-quality international geocoding when you need it. Benefit from the maintenance and support available from a SaaS platform.

Reverse Geocoding

Reach customers where and when they are most likely to buy.

Reach customers where and when they are most likely to buy. Use reverse geocoding to gain the geographic insight you need to connect with individual consumers in real time via highly specific, personalised, time and location-based mobile messaging.

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