Spectrum® for Big Data

Give your big data the location advantage

Take advantage of proven data quality, geocoding and location analysis capabilities directly within Hadoop and Spark.

  • Aggregate, analyse and share data in ways that previously were not possible.
  • Perform geocoding, spatial analytics and address quality in a fraction of the time compared to existing solutions.
  • Increase the returns on your big data investments.

Our technical partnerships support on-premise, cloud-based SaaS and IaaS delivery, giving you more ways to deploy and access critical insights.

Spectrum for Big Data

Support for on premises, SAAS and cloud-based delivery across a full range of technical partners:



Amazon Web Services

Locate success in your big data

Robust capabilities

Process data quality, location analytics and geospatial operations with one solution. 

High performance

Data is analysed where it resides, so you can realise the full benefit of your distributed processing environment.

Proven results

We help the world’s top organisations cleanse, geocode, enrich and visualise massive amounts of data every day.

Actionable insights

Link any dataset using a unique and persistent key, putting the data you need at your fingertips.

Deliver the speed, scale and geospatial insights needed today.

P&C insurance

Single View of Risk

Telematics: Usage-based insurance

Catastrophic event response

Risk aggregation

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Communications services providers

Network optimisation

Data monetisation

Crowd-sourced coverage maps

Subscriber lifecycle interactions

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IoT Smart Cities

Infrastructure development

Emergency planning and response

Public works

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Financial services

Single View of Property

Single View of Customer

Financial crimes and compliance

Data monetisation

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Single View of Customer

Site optimisation


Routing logistics

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Single View of Patient

Emergency response

IoT health monitoring

Geographic disease analysis

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Spectrum for Big Data: Modules and Features


Spectrum Data Quality for Big Data

  • Advanced Matching: Resolve entities and eliminate duplicates.
  • Universal Addressing: Validate and format addresses across 240 countries and territories.
  • Data Normalisation: Organise, parse and structure data.
  • Universal Name: Check against international name, nickname and alias directories.

Spectrum Spatial for Big Data

  • Global geocoding: Assign precise latitude and longitude coordinates to physical addresses (and vice versa).
  • Location Intelligence: Visualise and filter your data to illustrate relationships, spot trends and define territories.
  • Enterprise Routing: Calculate routes, distances, boundaries and travel times.
  • GeoEnrichment: Link proprietary and third-party geospatial data, adding attributes that provide context. 

Global datasets

GeoEnrich big data with more than 600 unique global datasets:

  • Geocodes
  • Boundaries
  • Points of interest
  • Demographics
  • Streets

Big data environments

Our SDKs run natively in Hadoop and Spark. All operations run where the data resides, so you can realise the full benefit of your distributed processing environment, including speed, resilience and low-cost hardware.