Customise MapInfo Pro


With MapBasic you can automate and streamline repetitive operations, create new features in MapInfo Pro, build complete solutions and integrate MapInfo Pro with other applications.


The MapBasic development environment is a freely downloadable programming language for MapInfo Pro. It can be used for any sort of customisation from simply hiding or rearranging a few menus to creating comprehensive mapping applications. Knowledge of programming is helpful but if you are new to programming, MapBasic provides extensive on-line help, documentation and sample applications.

Easy to learn and use

MapBasic comes with a simple development environment and includes a detailed help system. In addition a comprehensive MapBasic User’s Guide and Reference Manual are also included. A range of sample applications, from simple demonstration examples and code snippets to complex applications are also provided.

A range of applications

MapBasic can be used for automating repetitive tasks, adding new capabilities to MapInfo Professional or even creating specific mapping solutions for a particular use or industry. An example of adding a new capability to MapInfo Pro is the Distance Calculator tool, pictured here. The Distance Calculator is one of the many tools in MapInfo Pro’s Tool Manager.

Source code from the experts

The default installation of MapInfo Pro includes a number of useful tools and utilities in the Tool Manager. Source code for nearly all of these tools is provided with MapBasic. Also, you can add your own MapBasic applications to the Tool Manager so they are always available with a few clicks. You can even specify your MapBasic applications to run by default when you start MapInfo Pro.

User-generated tools

MapBasic allows the development of software in popular programming languages such as C, C++ and Visual Basic to help automate repetitive operations in MapInfo Pro. Hundreds of third party applications have been created using this flexible development environment, many of which are offered to the MapInfo Community for free.

Are you a professional developer?

MapInfo MapBasic is specifically for customising MapInfo Pro. For professional developers we offer a range of developer tools for different environments and deployment models. Pictured (left/right) is MapInfo MapXtreme [link to MapExtreme PDP], a 100% .NET development kit for desktop or web based applications. We also offer a modular platform for enterprise grade applications consisting of Location Intelligence, Routing, Geocoding, Address Management and other modules. 



With MapBasic you can:

  • Modify the MapInfo Pro interface to add your own menu commands, buttons and dialog boxes.  You can also remove and rearrange all of the existing menus and button pads.
  • Control MapInfo Pro through OLE Automation and embed MapInfo Pro maps in other applications.
  • MapBasic includes a development with a text editor.  For larger more complex programs MapBasic can link separate program modules together.
  • MapBasic covers nearly all of the built in functionality of MapInfo Pro, including data access, querying, mapping and layering, creating output, thematic mapping, object creation and editing, creating and managing tables and more.
  • Extensive documentation is included. This includes detailed on-line Help for all of the statements and functions as well as the MapBasic User’s Guide and the MapBasic Reference manual.
  • MapInfo Pro supports the running of multiple MapBasic applications simultaneously.
  • A built-in window in MapInfo Pro writes MapBasic statements as you use the software. This can be used to help learn MapBasic and you can copy and paste this code for use in your MapBasic applications.
  • Extensive sample applications are provided. The library of sample applications includes
    • MapBasic sample applications ranging from simple demonstration examples and code snippets to more complex examples.
    • Source code for most of the MapBasic tools that appear in MapInfo Pro’s Tool Manager.
    • Examples of using the MapInfo Integrated mapping method with Delphi, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Visual Basic, PowerBuilder and more.
  • Any MapBasic application can be added to the Tool Manager in MapInfo Pro