Spectrum Spatial™

One location-intelligent solution for every person, every process, every challenge.

Spectrum Spatial is the Location Intelligence solution that gives you the power, control and flexibility you need to overcome key business challenges. Turn data into actionable insights. Integrate Location Intelligence into any workflow. Spectrum Spatial makes it easy to operationalise geospatial data for your unique needs. 

Achieve enterprise location intelligence.

If you can imagine a geospatial business challenge or opportunity, you can solve it with one solution. From conception to execution, Spectrum Spatial provides agile, intuitive tools that empower users and accelerate success.


integrating gears


Integrate data from a wide range of sources.

manage view


Manage and enrich location data for a single location view.



Analyse via workflows, maps, charts and more.

extend the value


Extend to meet your organisation’s unique needs.


Mitigate risk, grow revenues and streamline service delivery.

Maximise data productivity.

Integrate, access, manage and enrich data as you benefit from the flexibility of an SOA-compliant solution architecture for geoprocessing.

Assimilate Location Intelligence.

Spectrum Spatial makes it easy to embed geospatial rules, logic and visualisation into existing operational systems and workflows.

Power up a range of users.

Intuitive functionality brings advanced analysis to any desktop, website, tablet or mobile as needed.

Spectrum Spatial™ Connect

Business mobile apps made easy.

Take location intelligence on the road with you.

Spectrum Spatial Connect example

Increase engagement and satisfaction

Improve community engagement and customer satisfaction through innovative App-based services. Offering self-service and crowdsourcing applications allow data to be collected digitally and avoids costly phone calls.

Improve customer service efficiency

Self-service applications allow people to engage in their own time. This results in a reduction in call traffic and frees consultants to focus their time on areas of priority.

Enhance communication across areas of organisational responsibility

Digital solutions that integrate and extend the reach of back office systems promote more informed and timely decision making and better cross-organisational coordination.

View the Spectrum Spatial Connect data sheet for more information.