Confirm® - Intelligent Infrastructure Management

The smart, cost-effective way to manage your public infrastructure assets.

Each day, governments need to manage a diverse, ever-aging portfolio of assets with fewer resources and smaller budgets. Confirm® –  Intelligent Infrastructure Management solution – allows you to maximise the lifecycle of every asset. Confirm®  streamlines how information related to infrastructure assets is captured, stored and managed, providing the instant insight you need to make informed decisions on repairs, maintenance and future investments.

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Access the information you need, when and where you need it.

Add mobility

Field crews can access this solution from any hand-held device and upload critical information remotely, to ensure real-time data availability, for accuracy and efficiency.     

Enable collaboration

The Confirm solution centralises your public infrastructure data to facilitate collaboration among your agency’s officials, field teams and contractors.

Plan smarter

Get the data you need to justify budget allocations, major repairs and replacements. 

Increase efficiency, transparency and productivity.



Power up your field ops.

Increase productivity with ConfirmConnect® software, which enables the real time, two-way flow of information between the asset owner and the field workforce. Now inspectors, surveyors and work crews can spend more time in the field carrying out work activities using a single mobile device.



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Drag, drop and drive.

Easily schedule, track and manage field work crews in real time with a simple map-based interface. View routes and travel times to optimise delivery of planned and reactive maintenance. Colour code icons, job cards and alerts to classify jobs by urgency and activity status.

Assess condition with precision.

Accelerate online and offline work, even where no network connectivity exists. Users download up-to-date data and then continue to work offline in geographical areas where network connectivity is not assured. Once connectivity is restored, ConfirmConnect automatically syncs devices and data.

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See the big picture

Record the location, specifications, financial condition and operational information of any asset, and add any attribute. Confirm saves all of these details in a single, easy-to-manage secure data repository.

Easy, flexible GIS mapping

Built with leading GIS technology, Confirm provides state-of-the-art mapping for easy management of assets on desktops and mobile devices. Geospatial processing and visualisation capabilities make it easy to identify the proximity relationships between physical assets.

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Success Stories

City of Glen Eira

Glen Eira City Council - Australia

"We have dramatically improved efficiency and accountability across the whole council, including what we do and how we do it."

- Colleen Capp, Asset Management System Administrator

Read the case study


Amey - United Kingdom

"Confirm software is a highly configurable asset management tool with a very modern mobile platform, design with usability of fieldworks at the forefront"

- Martin King, Management Information Systems Manager

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Lendlease - Australia

"Confirm’s flexible asset register allows us to quickly update asset information and audit it on request. The ability to collect and organise data to produce accurate records has been a real point of differentiation."

- Melanie Anderson, Contract Manager

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Features & benefits

Support for all critical workflows

  • Receive and respond to citizen inquiries.
  • Auto-download assets for inspection.
  • View asset locations and complete assessments.
  • Survey existing assets.
  • Create new assets while in the field.
  • Send scheduled jobs, track status and costs.
  • Create a work history trail with “before and after” data.
  • Support compliance with government regulations.
  • Create maps and add photos.

Enterprise-wide benefits

  • Manage more asset types, more efficiently.
  • Streamline workflows.
  • Optimise budgets and staffing.
  • Track performance and expenditures.
  • Respond to citizen inquiries in real time.
  • Simplify contractor management.

Asset capture, inspection & condition

  • Centralised, flexible asset register
  • Support for any asset type
  • GIS mapping
  • Condition surveys and performance management
  • Citizen inquiry management
  • CRM integration

Asset maintenance & work order management

  • Proactive and reactive maintenance
  • Work crew management and scheduling
  • Work order costing, billing and invoicing
  • Contract management
  • Financial systems integration
  • Comprehensive status reporting & dashboards
  • Integration with contractor systems

Asset management

  • Asset condition, valuation and depreciation
  • Asset risk assessment
  • Asset lifecycle costing
  • Future budget vs. asset service level planning
  • Repair vs. replace decisions
  • Financial system integration
  • Future works costing

Value-added modules

software interface


Maximise your efficiency. Real-time, bi-directional information flow via mobile device minimises paperwork and lets skilled workers stay in the field longer.

  • Manage enquiries, inspections and work crew activities on site.
  • View and progress scheduled jobs
  • Record status and cost of maintenance activities.
  • Download all relevant asset data for condition surveys.
  • Survey existing assets and create new assets on the spot.
  • Supports photography and Bing® Maps integration


Unsurpassed workforce visibility and control via an easy to use, map-based interface.

  • Real-time workforce prioritisation
  • Effective field resource management
  • Visual, intuitive tools
  • Simple, drag-and-drop work scheduling and route optimisation
  • Travel time and cost calculations for crews

ConfirmWorkzone from Pitney Bowes - Enterprise Asset Management

Strategic Asset Management

Our powerful analysis and decision support tool helps predict future needs, compare maintenance scenarios, optimise budgets and maintain performance. 

  • Network level, probability-based long term planning
  • Lifecycle modeling and management for any asset
  • Business case analysis for asset maintenance
  • Flexible, multi-year impact forecasts



Intelligent Infrastructure Management