Implementation Support

Expedite your time-to-value and ROI.

Design, build and deploy new systems with minimal project risk. Proven methodologies, strong project governance and domain expertise ensure smooth, successful integrations into complex environments. 

Implementation Support for LI | Pitney Bowes

Optimise efficiency and peace-of-mind.

Rely on the experience and expertise of our dedicated support team. Benefit from a specialised methodology designed to speed time to market and smooth your way to a rapid return on your Pitney Bowes technology investments.

Ensure quality governance.

Don’t let the complexity of your current infrastructure hold you back. Our strong governance practices help to alleviate risk and streamline deployment, even in highly complex environments with multiple integration points. 

Reduce your project costs.

Our team can help you take advantage of a rich library of off-the-shelf templates and applications. Faster and less costly than full customisation, these can get you up and running faster and add to the value of your technology over time.

Keep current with the latest enhancements.

Extend the life and value of your software. Keep your cost of ownership down and your performance at its best with timely, efficient with enhancement and upgrade support.