Empower your marketing with data-driven location technology

Supercharge your campaigns with data-based, location information, which improves customer acquisition and engagement.


Discover how this advantage can help make strategic decisions that improve ROI by reaching your customers and competing across channels more effectively.


Take the guess-work out of your campaigns with these four steps

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Improve customer data quality

Easily cleanse, consolidate, and standardise your existing customer data to improve its integrity.

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Interpret data insights

Visualise and analyse your data to gain actionable insights into who your audience is, where they live, and how they behave.

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Uncover the right customers

Use insights to locate look-alike audiences geographically to target high-value customers.

Execute informed strategies

Select the right media channel to deliver a personalised message to the right people for greater campaign ROI.

Case study: We were better able to activate our media spend


“Pitney Bowes’ software was perfect for the marketing problems we face. Their solution allowed us to effectively map our sales and customer data and put a marketing lens on it to better activate media."

- Alexander Waters, Technology Consulting Director, Cadreon (IPG Media Brands).


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