RISO ComColor
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Make the switch to faster, more efficient and cost-effective customer communications.

Unlike traditional toner-based printers, RISO ComColor® GD inkjet printers are proven to reduce production time and improve printing productivity.

Ultra-fast print speeds

Boost productivity with print speeds up to 160 pages per minute for simplex and duplex printing.


Customise documents with variable data printing for more effective customer communications.


Inkjet technology means no static or paper curl for dependable production through your mail finishing process. We’ve combined innovative inkjet technology with straight paper paths, to ensure that your higher volume print runs are handled with ease.


Our unique, oil-based ink prints dry quickly and are both fade- and water-resistant, enabling high-quality colour output.

Heatless printing

By using less energy, cold printing keeps printing equipment running smoothly -- even on high-volume runs.


“This is the first machine that makes variable data color printing affordable and practical. We could not run the business without the ComColor® Printer.”

- President, Commercial Print and Mail Services Firm, US

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