EML takes First Movers Advantage in using interactive video technology to enhance injured worker experience

Partners with Pitney Bowes for its EngageOne Video solution.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, October 17, 2017: Pitney Bowes (NYSE:PBI), a global technology company that provides innovative products and solutions to power commerce, today announced that Employers Mutual Limited (EML), one of Australia’s largest providers of workers compensation, is using modern digital technology- interactive personalised video communication to educate  and enhance their customer experience by using EngageOne Video.

Improving customer experience is a priority for EML, which was challenged with providing a straightforward experience for injured workers who had either never filed a claim before or who struggled with the existing process. The insurance company sought to find a solution that would equip customers with all the relevant information on work-related injuries such as understanding what treatment they should seek, as well as educating them on what benefits they may be eligible to claim.

With the EngageOne Video solution, EML has created an interactive experience for customers, delivering targeted information. The primary objective is to ensure injured workers have all the information on hand so they can navigate the workers compensation scheme easily, understand their rights and where possible, return to work safely.

“EML chose Pitney Bowes because their customer engagement capabilities are unmatched in the market. We were impressed with their ability to create personalised videos with real time components, and we believe this will deliver the best experience for our customers. We’re excited to offer this new tool, and we’ve had positive feedback from workers and employers so far, said EML’s Helena Swindells, Customer Experience Manager - Victoria.”


In this digital age, people expect to be able to find and access the information they need quickly and in an engaging format. This has been a challenge for a complex industry such as workers compensation, and EML had to address this to help injured workers in the early stages of their claim. The aim was to make a complex subject easier to understand, and to explain the claims process step-by-step, so workers know what to expect and who will help them along the way. People can choose what topics they want to watch, and can go back to the video at any time.


Chris, a worker who was injured in 2016 and has now returned to work, tested a demo of the new videos and commented “I felt that the information provided in these videos was easy to understand, and the way that it is mapped is very user-friendly. There was a good emphasis on important information and it would have been great if I had been able to receive it earlier in my claim.”


Price and product are no more the biggest differentiators in the digital age. Experience is what matters, said, Nigel Lester, ANZ Managing Director of Pitney Bowes Software Solutions. And the end game is in the hands of those brands who constantly innovate and also make considerable effort in driving an optimal customer experience and build brand affinity. In a digital self-serve marketplace, technologies like EngageOne Video delivers that capability to help drive customer engagement and delivering relevant information in a more personalised, interactive manner. And, this I feel can enhance overall customer experience and enable brands like EML to distinguish themselves, even in crowded marketplaces.


“We are pleased to partner with EML and create altogether a new modern digital platform in which we feel video communication will drive responses to specific customer inputs and queries. Further I am confident that the interactive and personalised video will capture attention, motivate action and deliver real results,” Nigel further added.


About EngageOne Video
EngageOne Video is part of the new wave of self-service capability within the Communicate Solutions that combines video with user data to deliver interactive, personalised video to help brands enhance customer engagement, scale expert interaction without the overhead and reduce call centre costs. Clients who have used EngageOne Video, have seen an 80 percent increase in sales targeted with the technology; 400 percent improvement in marketing campaign results; a seven-point increase in Net Promoter Scores; and a 98 percent positive feedback from viewers.


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