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Differentiate your brand with innovative, market-leading capabilities.

  • Create new revenue streams.
  • Accelerate time to market.
  • Profit from end-to-end support.

Develop your competitive edge with Pitney Bowes.

It takes speed and leading-edge capabilities to succeed. That’s why today’s top platforms, products and cloud services rely on Pitney Bowes. From geospatial data and mapping to data quality, analytics, customer engagement, ecommerce and more, our technologies make it possible to create value and differentiate your customer experience quickly.


Proven innovation

Pitney Bowes fuels break-through offerings for the top brands in ecommerce, business intelligence, analytics, social media, advertising, mobile technology, logistics, field services, IoT, real estate, insurance and financial services.

A Leader in The Forrester Wave™

  • The Forrester Wave™: Master Data Management, Q1 2016
  • The Forrester Wave™: Customer Analytics Solutions, Q1 2016
  • The Forrester Wave™: Geospatial Analytics Tools And Platforms, Q3 2016

Designed around your needs.

Our models align licensing terms and costs with your business.  Trusted, scalable and sustainable technologies are backed by an engineering and product management team with expertise in your industry.

Accelerate time to market and gain new efficiencies.

Pitney Bowes makes it easy to embed leading-edge data management, geospatial software and data across a wide spectrum of products, platforms and SaaS/cloud offerings.


Evaluation and business case development

Our technical experts help baseline projected impact on performance and quality, and ensure rapid integration.  Our business professionals support monetisation and business case analysis based on the specifics for your application, data, customer base and addressable market.   

Flexible Commercial Terms

Branded or white-label, no vendor lock in (ability to mix and match by layers in your stack), PAYG for APIs, and royalty-based licensing available.  


Realise your design vision faster.  Pitney Bowes architects, product management and strategic innovation teams can help you envision your next generation of products or services.  

Integration & training

Accelerate your development life cycle with our focused onboarding, which includes access to engineering for Tier 2 support, documentation and re-usable code libraries.

Long term technology partnership

Structured interactions facilitate alignment of roadmaps, custom requirements, integrations and re-platforming.  

Pitney Bowes can also help Technology Partners interested solely in integration.


Solutions portfolio

Our modular software, APIs, SDKs, On Demand, SaaS and web services can be integrated quickly into most environments. Our unique datasets support all of our technologies to ensure consistency of customer experience and reduced engineering, integration and support costs. 


  • Data quality
  • Name and address validation and standardisation with high performance, accuracy and global coverage (including de-dup, matching and merging, etc.)
  • Normalise and enrichment
  • See Data Quality user guide
  • Geocoding and address data.  Latitude/longitude coordinates make it easy to connect data across sources, and enrich your data with third party sources.  See Geocoding.
  • Geo-spatial analytics (visualisation, mapping, routing, tax)
  • Geo-enrichment with big data support including Hadoop, Spark and Cloudera. 
  • Over 400 global location data sets: Boundaries, Points of Interest, Streets, Demographics, including business/building/parcel footprints and attributes
  • Interactive Personalised Video
  • Personalised, omni-channel engagement capabilities
  • Package management
  • Multichannel communications
  • Mailing systems
  • Cross-border ecommerce


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