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In the current environment, businesses face many challenges.
Pitney Bowes is here to help. We have been innovating and creating mailing solutions for more than 100 years. As the only local global provider of mailing solutions in Australia and New Zealand, we’re committed to supporting your business with local expertise, services and support.

As other organisations divest their mailing technology divisions, we’re ramping up, delivering new, interactive, and connected products to the Australian market that continue to add value to our customers’ businesses.

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* Terms & conditions apply.

  • The offeror is Pitney Bowes Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 82 001 475 921) trading as “Pitney Bowes”, Level 1, 68 Waterloo Road, Macquarie Park 2113 NSW, which also includes each of the Pitney Bowes' entities throughout the world and their respective associated companies, as applicable.
  • Any references to you, your, and similar expressions, or customer refers to a proposed customer.
  • This Offer is open to any entity that holds an existing and valid lease for eligible Pitney Bowes equipment (“Eligible Equipment”), with any lease provider other than Pitney Bowes (“Existing Lease”). This Offer does not apply to existing or current leases in which Pitney Bowes is the lessor.
  • Should you meet the criteria above and agree to enter into a Rental Agreement with Pitney Bowes, Pitney Bowes’ may offer to pay out your Existing Lease for equivalent or substantially similar Eligible Equipment and offer you a new Rental Agreement with Pitney Bowes with regular payments of 20% less than your Existing Lease.
  • Pitney Bowes retains the right to review your Existing lease prior to making this Offer available to you and, at its sole discretion, may elect not make this Offer available to you.
  • This offer is only valid from 24 February 2021 to 31 December 2021 (“Offer Period”).
  • Pitney Bowes retains the right to withdraw the availability of this Offer at any time.


  • Pitney Bowes and its associated agencies and companies will not be liable for any loss (including, without limitation, loss of profits or other indirect or consequential loss), personal injury or death which is suffered or sustained (whether or not arising from any person’s negligence) in connection with this Offer or any determination that this Offer will not be extended to you.
  • The is offered in Australia only and is governed by the laws applicable in Australia. In case of any disputes, the parties consent to the jurisdiction of the courts in Australia.

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