Benefits of metering your mail

Find out more about the benefits of using a postage meter and when metering mail is right for your business.  Benefits range from significant cost savings to helping to promote your business and giving you a competitive edge.

A Postage Meter acts like a mini post office giving you access to the following postal services in the convenience of your office.

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Why should my business use a postage meter?

Choosing the right postage meter for your business will save money and time... day after day... letter after parcel after letter. For minimal investment, a postage meter brings big rewards.

A postage meter saves your business money

A postage meter automatically ensures you pay the correct postage on every item franked. So you can feel confident your postage costs are being kept to a minimum. Many postage meters also allow you to keep a close eye on your postage costs by tracking and reporting on different team or client accounts. This means you’ll have accurate data for planning budgets or for cross-charging between departments.

A postage meter saves your business time

A postage meter deals with your mail quickly and efficiently. Postage meters are easy to use and many enable you to preset jobs, so you get access to routine tasks at the touch of a button. And while whoever deals with your post at present probably does an excellent job, a digital mailing system never gets bored or called away to answer the telephone. And you’ll no longer need to have someone wasting valuable time queuing for stamps – frustrating for them and not profitable for your business. A postage meter means that time that used to be spent queuing for stamps can now be invested elsewhere in your business.

A postage meter can promote your business

A postage meter can help you build your brand – and therefore your profits. As it meters your postage, a digital mailing system can also print quality graphics and promotional messages on the envelopes, which is a powerful, cost effective way to promote your business. And you’ll no longer have to stock large volumes of pre-printed envelopes. As well as a promotional message, a postage meter allows you to print a return address, ensuring undelivered mail is returned. This will quickly improve the accuracy of your mailing database and will reduce expenditure on subsequent mail-shots and marketing campaigns.

A postage meter gives you an edge over your competitors

A postage meter processes mail fast and is easy to use, so the productivity of your staff is sure to rise. Combine this with paying the correct postage and printing a customised marketing message on every piece of mail that you meter and your business may well have an edge over its competitors.

To know more about your additional 2.5% rebate, refer to the next section.

Find out more about Pitney Bowes range of Postage Meters

Australia Post Metered Mail Rates

Metered rate is an Australia Post mail category that provides a discount for full rate domestic articles paid for by a postage meter. Metered mail rates for business sized letters offer deep discounts off stamped postage prices offering a cost-effective solution for businesses. When combined with the 2.5% Australia Post postage meter rebate, savings can add up to 3.5% or potentially higher.

Australia Post 2.5% Rebate on Postage

Australia Post provides a 2.5% rebate on the reset value of every postage meter reset. Resetting your meter replenishes it with additional postage and is conveniently done by electronic connection.

For example, a reset for $1,000 worth of postage will entitle you to an immediate $25 rebate, so the amount payable to Australia Post is only $975.

You can also conveniently link your Australia Post charge account to your Pitney Bowes postage meter, making postage refills simple.

Find out more about Pitney Bowes range of Postage Meters

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