Preparing and lodging letters

Postage Meter

Discounts vary depending on the delivery timetable you choose, how you prepare and present your mail. Learn more on how to save while preparing and lodging letters contact us on 13 23 63 today.

Preparation of Letters

A Pitney Bowes digital postage meter helps you choose your preferred service level. It also calculates the correct postage and prints the relevant service indicator in the indicia (metering impression).

Your software updates will allow you to automatically print the correct imprint for ‘Priority’ and ‘Regular’. However, you may need to separate ‘Priority’ from ‘Regular’ articles when you lodge metered mail.

Letter Image priority



Australia Post is scanning postage meter barcodes on all postal articles to ensure they can provide the highest delivery quality based on the postal services selected. Make sure you have a clear and unobscured postage meter impression on your articles to get your mail and parcels delivered on time.

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Letters should be ‘faced’ so that the address sides are facing the same way and then either bundled or placed in letter trays as follows. Rubber bands and letter trays are provided free of charge by Australia Post outlets.


When accessing Priority and Regular delivery timetables separate tray labels and mailing statements are used. Simply separate your Priority letters from Regular letters and where applicable for products that require tray labels, use the correct label match the service you require. See below for example:

preparing and lodging 1


preparing and lodging 2


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Metered mail can be conveniently lodged up to 6pm on weekdays in the Australia Post street post boxes. This provides easy access to post when you need it the most. This means, up to 300 letters can be lodged each day.

Larger volume of mails are best if lodged in trays at post offices or postal business hubs up to 5pm on weekdays.



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